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“It’s been said that about 90% of today’s bucking horses trace back to our bloodlines. Over the years, I’ve been concerned that someday, that bloodline will run out. I’m excited that the Bucking Horse Breeder’s Association is registering horses and verifying their genetics through recorded, searchable DNA. It will be interesting as the data base grows to know where the horses carrying my dad’s, our family’s genetics are.” – Ernest Tooke, 80, Ekalaka, Montana

Ernest Tooke’s father, Feek Tooke, is the visionary credited with being the first to successfully breed horses who are genetically disposed to buck. The foundation started with an Iowa State Fair Champion two-year-old Shire stallion and his sole offspring, the horse Tooke’s called Prince. Crossing that stallion onto daughters of Snowflake, a purebred, outlaw Arabian created a coveted nick that lives on today in the genetics of legendary bucking horses.

Ernest Tooke is a horseman, historian, author and aviator.