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The Bucking Horse Breeders Association was started in May 2016.  We are a bucking horse registry using DNA to record and preserve the pedigrees of the world’s premier bucking horse while maintaining the integrity and enhancing the value of the breed.  We at the BHBA believe that we are truly blessed to be able to live this western lifestyle.  A lifestyle that embraces Independence and Freedom.  We have a heart for God.  We not only love the rodeo lifestyle, we love children.  These ingredients have led us to start the BHBA Freedom Foundation.  We want every child to experience basic freedom and independence.  There are more slaves on planet earth today than ever before in history and a big part of them are kids.  Children are being sold into sexual slavery all over the world.  We believe this is an evil that can not continue.   We also believe its our job to answer this evil.  We at the BHBA are committed to seeing that the evil of sexually exploiting children does NOT continue.  We will do all we can to keep this from happening.

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