Please see the Fees Form for current fees.


All animals for which registration is sought in the BHBA must have the specified standard of permanent identification.

  • number brand (freeze and/or fire)

All Registrations applications

Applications to register any horse in the BHBA should be made on the current Registration Application form. A downloadable version of that form is linked to this page, below, as well as the online registration application submission form.  Registration applications can be submitted either online or through the mail.


All transfers of horses in the BHBA are accomplished using the Transfer form. The form should be accompanied by the original BHBA Certificate of Registration since the name of the new registered owner is recorded on it, by the BHBA.  Do not write on or fold original certificates, as doing so renders them null and void and replacement/re-issue fees will be incurred. It is the seller's responsibility to ensure that any animals he sells are transferred into the name of the buyer as soon as possible.  A downloadable version of the Transfer form is linked to this page, as a downloadable PDF.  Transfer forms are not eligible for online submission, for the owner’s protection. 

Animals born as a result of artificial insemination / embryo transfer

Application should be made on the current Registration Application form and accompanied by the Sire Service Declaration & Semen Declaration (AI)/(ET) form. The Artificial Insemination / embryo transfer section of the Sire Service Declaration & Semen Declaration (AI)/(ET) form MUST be completed by the owner of the semen / embryo.  It is highly recommended that copies of any other documentation concerning the AI or ET procedure be included.  i.e., receipt for semen, technician’s paperwork if a technician is utilized, etc., so that the BHBA file for animals born as a result of artificial insemination will be as complete as possible.

Animals born as a result of artificial insemination or embryo transfer must also be DNA tested and Parent Qualify to the parents listed on the supplied documentation before registration can be completed.

Sire Service & Semen Declaration

This form identifies a service sire and the mare he has covered and is required if the sire is not owned by the applicant for registration at the time the sire serviced the mare.  It is also required in the case of Semen (Artificial Insemination) breeding, also. Providing a Sire Service / Semen Declaration significantly speeds the registration of offspring in the registry. There is no charge when using this form.

About Forms
Registry requests will only be accepted on forms approved by the BHBA and must be accompanied by a Fees & Order Form, when mailed. Online registrations are now accepted.  See “Form Instructions” for complete details regarding completion of forms.

Downloadable Forms

The below is a link to all BHBA approved forms, (Membership app, Registration app, Transfer, Sire / Semen Declaration, and Fees & Order Forms), which can be printed out for filling in by hand.

Contacting the BHBA regarding Registry questions

You may contact the Bucking Horse Breeders Association with queries relating to registration procedures and requests at (435) 789-BHBA (2422)